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We are experts providing recyclation returned goods and surplus stocks. Every year our company has been growing in the hundreds of percent since the establishment. We build these regular results based on our professionalism and credibility. These characters are also valued by our partners which belong to the world largest brands, supermarkets and e-shops. Transparency and trust are fundamental pillars of each of our partnerships. Our partners are always familiar with what is happening to their goods, in which condition they are and where they are sold. The headquarters of your company is located in Zlín, also known for Tomáš Baťa's shoe factory, where we have our offices, service and refurbishment line. Last but not least, there are situated our warehouses. We have expanded our offices also in Italy (2020) and Romania (2021) so we can offer our services more over the world.

Refurbishment area and service
Warehouse space in Zlín
Logistic centre in Napajedla



We are able to export goods almost all over the world thanks to our export deparment with offices in the Czech Republic, Italy and Romania. Our team ensure exports from A to Z, including custom clearance, transport and other requirements.

Parts harvesting

Starting with our services itself we also provide a service called parts harvesting. This means that defective pieces which are uneconomical to repair we remove, test and store parts from the product that could be reused for repairs in the future. Thanks to this service, our partners will save significant financial resources, be able to guarantee customers the availability of spare parts and, last but not least, reduce their environmental footprint.

Repacking / Relabeling

Do you have products with damaged packaging? Do you need any additional instructions for use? Do you need to assemble and pack products? Then this service is just for you! We provide everything starting with packaging, design and translation of texts and printing of instructions for use.

Repair and refurbishment

So this is our absolute domain! A professional refurbishment line with a team of trained people will ensure that your returned / defective goods can be resold and are of the same quality as new goods! Thanks to our services, you can completely minimize your losses on returned / defective goods.

Logistic & distribution

Logistics is our everyday routine. In our 2 logistics centers and 2 warehouses, we receive and ship thousands of pallets of goods and tens of thousands of shipments every year. Thanks to long-term cooperation with carriers, we can offer a great price-quality ratio for logistics services. We also offer our customers the possibility of storing goods in our warehouses in Zlín.

E-commerce & brands

We own and run the largest outlet with electronics in the Czech Republic (www.iprice.cz), e-shop with household equipment (www.emahome.cz), e-shop with kitchenware (www.royaltyline.cz) and several other e-shops. Our services also include exclusive brand representation. Bergner, MasterPro, Royalty Line, DMS Germany, United Colors of Benetton have chosen us as their partner and exclusive distributor.

Brand protection

We take care of our partners. We guarantee branded protection for selected clients who require it. We hereby guarantee that we will not sell or trade their brands in the territory they determine.

About us

Patrik Jokl

Owner / CEO
e-mail: patrik.jokl@iprice.cz
GSM +420 511 447 788


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